Coach "Mo"

  I was introduced to CrossFit in march of 2011. It was very difficult @ first. I found myself not being able to complete the wods. I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life @ 245 lbs. it was a very humbling experience. 
   I decided to take part in the summer paleo challenge in June of 2011. Six weeks later I weighed in @ 215 lbs. I was amazed with my transformation. I guess You can say i'd tasted the crossfit kool-aid & i loved it. I continued to eat Paleo & put in some serious hours in the gym and wouldn't you know, four months later (November 2011) my weight was down to 185.
   CrossFit has changed my life forever. It has taken me in a new direction. In April of 2012 I decided to take the CF-L1 and I've been a coach since then. My current certs are, CF-L2, CF Kids, Olympic Lifting 1, Movement & Mobility. Coming soon, Oly 2 & Gymnastics. I hope to inspire & help others reach their health & fitness goals. When you join CrossFit 442 you become part of the family. We are a tight community, here to support & encourage you to reach your goals. Together we can accomplish the impossible.